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"My journey into the world of paranormal research began with personal experiences I had as a young child, when I witnessed paranormal phenomenon that was later investigated, providing tangible evidence that suggested the witnessed paranormal activity was undeniable.

Many years later, I had another experience while in the company of several friends.  I chose to keep quiet about it, until one of those friends later volunteered to me that she had seen the same full-body apparition that I had, and that she'd also chosen to keep it secret.  This validation of my experience, and the insight into many people's social fears and behavior, helped me solidify my belief in the paranormal and I was "all in" at that point.

I have extensive experience in client relations, learn something new here almost every day, and look forward to working with this great group, helping Clients regain their confidence in a world where the paranormal remains  a seemingly "taboo" subject for many people."

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