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What You Can Do

We at American Paranormal Investigations strive to help clients by informing, educating and empowering them.  We investigate your home or site, seeking both, practical causes, and paranormal activity where it exists... but you, our Client... Your personal empowerment and peace of mind always takes priority over "Ghost Hunting."

Do you believe that you have something paranormal going on in your home?  You may be seeking to contact us for help... and that is obviously what we suggest you do... but what can you do in the meantime?  We believe there are mentalities and a few practical things you can do to help put your mind at ease while awaiting a paranormal investigation.  We subscribe to the tenet that Intention drives everything.  So what should you do with a suspected Spirit/Ghost/Entity?

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Stand your ground 


Fear is an emotion, or "energy" that even "bad" human beings feed upon.  There is a general census in the paranormal investigation community that humans in Spirit form and some other entities are no different.  Always try to control your demonstration of fear.

First and foremost, "own your space" (we will talk about how to do this in more detail, as well as some "Psychic" ways to protect and shield yourself, in future additions to this Page). This is your home or workplace.... do not allow something or someone to push you around in your own domain.  You are Spirit within a manifested body. Your body generates a great deal of energy, controlled by your Spirit. Realizing this, you must believe that you are potentially as powerful and perhaps more powerful than a human ghost that is in spirit form only.  

Just as is the case with a flesh & blood human being, no ghost has the right to push you around in your own home. Think about uninvited paranormal entities the same way you would view an uninvited human guest or intruder.  Maybe you are someone who tends to ignore small and annoying paranormal things, but if something is really bothering you or a family member, you clearly have the right to demand that it stops. Tell the entity to stop or leave… those are the only two acceptable choices to give it. 



Turning to a Higher Power for Strength

If you believe in a higher power, divine spirit, God, an energy that surrounds us all, or anything greater than yourself, draw on that power and gain strength through it.


Do not behave or act out of Ego or Bravado.  Any entity would likely respond to that the same way a flesh and blood human intruder or abuser would.  Ask your source of higher power to act either through you, or on your behalf.  Let THAT be your Intention.  Believe that you have the right and power to tell something that it may not push you or your family around in your space.

Kendo Battle
Kendo Battle

NEVER Provoke

You should view this strong advice as common sense.  Again, just as you wouldn't provoke a potentially violent and possibly armed human intruder?  Same wisdom applies to paranormal Entities and Spirits. 

Do not personally challenge, dare, threaten, antagonize, or otherwise provoke an entity whose powers and abilities you have no rational way of knowing. Neither would we advise engaging in negotiation, terms, or encouraging bad behavior.

"Last but not least?"

We know that you have likely seen many sensational TV Reality Shows, with alleged "Experts" and "Professionals" running amuck, behaving exactly the way we are advising you not to behave.  Your life is not a Reality TV Show that can be edited or re-shot when obnoxious, "larger than life" personalities act out and things go sideways.  Please vet out any Paranormal Investigation Team, ask them what their methodology and philosophy toward paranormal investigation, and you as their Client is like.  If they seem more about "Chasing Ghosts?" They are probably exactly what they seem to be.  Choose a Team wisely.


A heartfelt plea and suggestion:   There are people out there seeking to take advantage and profit from the fear of others.  Beware of those who seek up-front money, tell you they must "remove a cursed (and expensive) item" from your home, and who might rely upon your sense of desperation to profit from you. 


If you choose to pay someone for "Cleansing" your home, and/or if you feel that a pre-negotiated service has been successfully accomplished... after the fact... obviously, that is reasonable.  We strongly suggest that you never pay a person up front for such a claim or promise, though. 


Nobody from American Paranormal Investigations will ever ask you for money, nor do we endorse or associate with any Teams that do.

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