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"I've had paranormal experiences since I was very young.  'Shadow Figures,' disembodied voices, and many other forms of paranormal activity.  As I grew and matured into adulthood, I strived to understand these phenomena and my unusual experiences, pursuing paranormal knowledge any way I could.

I studied books and other media on parapsychology, the occult, and paranormal investigative techniques.  I practiced and gained experience in using everything from divination tools and Tarot Cards to traditional Field Investigative Devices like K2 Meters.

This interest and personal experience led me seek membership with American Paranormal Investigations, where I have continued to learn more about the potential causes of paranormal activity, proper investigative protocols, the scientific method, and more.  I hope to continue capturing more evidence of paranormal phenomenon, and I'm extremely excited to be part of this amazing Team, that always focuses first and foremost on helping others understand and be at peace with the paranormal as well."

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