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Want to contact us?  Use the Forms/Links below to easily send us a message now (Please fill out all fields completely, and be sure to give us the name of the City you reside in).

Please Note:  This TAPS Family Team is located in the greater Sacramento Valley Region (Sacramento/Roseville).  We are currently able to reliably schedule and do investigations in the following Counties:  Sacramento; Placer; Yuba; Sutter.  Depending upon the nature of a request, we sometimes travel as far south as Stockton, as far north as Redding, and into much of the Sierra-Nevada "Gold Country" mountain community areas. 

We generally do not travel west of Sacramento past Fairfield.  This is due to the limitations of time, travel conditions, and available trained volunteers.  We are actively looking for very special people willing to investigate and train with us here in Sacramento, who live within the Bay Area, and until we secure enough reliable members based there, we cannot accommodate the relatively high demand for help in that geographical area. 
If you are such a candidate living in the Bay Area, please apply and schedule an interview with us.

American Paranormal Investigations


Postal Mailing Address:

4010 Foothills Blvd, Suite 103

PMB #47

Email Address:

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