​​About Us

American Paranormal investigations was founded in 2001. Using investigative procedures and techniques the API team has continued to focus their efforts on providing a much needed service in the Greater Sacramento Area. 

In 2005, API  became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as recognized by the State of California and the Federal government and is now run by a working Board of Directors.  The board and all members continue to work with commitment and dedication to provide help to those in need and to advance research in the paranormal field.

API never charges for services provided, but does accept donations, which goes towards equipment, website maintenance, travel and other expenses incurred.  Donations made to API are tax deductible and are always welcome.
API’s mission is to investigate, document and provide help & intervention with paranormal & supernatural phenomena to clients in need. We take a practical approach to investigating the paranormal and try to find answers for our clients. 

We are a proud member of the TAPS Family of paranormal groups worldwide and service northern California.

John - Director & Investigator

I have an eclectic background, including two branches of military, undercover surveillance and investigations, teaching, MRI physics, public relations and professional writing/editing.  My education includes Degrees in Criminal Justice, Journalism, Earth and Space Science, and Graduate Level Studies in Psychology.  I experienced paranormal phenomena early in life, in a home that sat on ground with an “interesting” history.  I exhibited discernment, clairaudience, and other traits there, even as a child, and have strived to understand them ever since.  While stationed in Hawaii… a very “active” place, supernaturally speaking, I experienced far too many events and encounters to dismiss or avoid, and I’ve been studying the paranormal ever since.  My goals are to examine and explain cases where scientific, objective evidence can be found, but to first and foremost help people caught up in these events and phenomena in every way possible.  I am grateful and excited to be a part of this highly respected and experienced Team.

Robert - Investigator

I have been interested in the paranormal since I was a kid, partly through curiosity, and partly through experience.  I have been touched by unseen hands, seen shadows, heard disembodied voices where there was no possible explanation for it.  I have also seen objects move and levitate.  These experiences only added to my curiosity and desire to investigate paranormal phenomenon.  While I am a firm believer in the paranormal, I feel that a healthy dose of skepticism should be used in any investigation.  I hope to help others to understand what they are experiencing.

Dr. Tom - Secretary & Investigator

Growing up in Ohio, I had numerous experiences that I assumed were "normal." It wasn't until I graduated from the Ohio State University Dental School and entered the U.S. Air Force that I started to become aware that some of my experiences were not considered quite so "normal" by others. The more I learned about the paranormal, the more intense my search became. I have spent a lifetime studying and experiencing phenomena that includes near-death experiences, apparitions, poltergeist phenomena, apports, time distortion, entity attachments, and psychic self defense. I have a background in clinical hypnosis, regression therapy, guided imagery, and meditation. I am also an ordained minister. My desire is to provide support as part of the API team for those experiencing phenomena they do not yet understand. 

Tom - Investigator 

My childhood experiences in rural Wisconsin of witnessing supernatural phenomena was the impetus for investigating the paranormal as an adult. Over the years I have read many credible accounts of paranormal activity and haunted locations. I never thought that someday I would have the opportunity to join a paranormal investigative team who shared the same interest and desire to help others in need of answers. It has been a very gratifying experience for me in helping and empowering our clients to regain the comfort and security they should feel in their own homes.

​Steve - Investigator

For me it started when I was a kid and I felt a hand on my shoulder in my uncle's basement while playing pool. There were only two of us down there and I can see my cousin across from me. My interest was rekindled when I was much older while staying aboard the USS Hornet with a Scout Troop. I had several experiences that night and begin a serious study of the paranormal the next day. That research eventually led me here to the API team where I continue to learn and grow as a paranormal investigator. I am honored and proud to be a member of this team and helping others understand the world around them.