​​Investigation Process

API conducts investigations of both private residences and businesses alike.  Once a request is received, a phone interview is given.  It is then determined if the case will escalate to the next stage. Please submit your request using the Contact Us form.

   There are three stages to an paranormal investigation:

     Stage One: Preliminary Investigation

API and the client will agree upon a date for a “prelim” where a small group of investigators will visit the site, take a tour of the location and conduct a full interview of the clients.  Information is reviewed and next steps are determined. 

     Stage Two: Full Investigation

Preliminary findings are reviewed and the group determines whether a full investigation is needed.  If so, a date is set and a full team is assembled. The investigation process may include some or all of the following elements: sensitive walk through, scientific instrument readings, debunking or determining alternative explanations to claims of activity, photography, video recordings and EVP sessions.  All investigators observe and document throughout the investigation.  Length of investigations vary and is assessed on a case by case basis.

     Stage Three: Reveal/Consultation

After a case is reviewed and evidence is analyzed, a final report is developed and findings are discussed with the client. We do not proclaim a site to be  “haunted” or “not haunted”.  API assists  clients to work toward a potential resolution that best fits their needs.